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Your easy-to-reach trading advantage

Stable internet connection. Now that’s all you need for the utmost trading experience. Join the brand new Oro Markets trading platform today. Intuitive design, cutting-edge technologies, high-speed execution, complete set of tools. Always with you. Wherever you go.


Meta Trader allows investors to view price movements, analyze the market changes, create and manipulate trading orders, set up a stop-loss, and other handy functions.

Top 5 key functions of our platform

Speed up your trading experience - buy and sell assets CFDs in seconds. Benefit from one-click trading option and make your timely bids in no time.
Instant Market Updates
The most flexible trading environment is your ultimate benefit. Customize the tools, go short or long on the market, set up your pending orders, and take Profit/Stop Loss levels. You control everything.
Full Control
Wnat to keep track of several chosen assets at once? Easy. Open up to 4 charts at a time, toogle them in and out, and never miss a perfect trading chance. Instant bids right from the chart, separate tabs, utmost confort.
Multiple Chart Layout
Use the search bar and 9 filters for optimized navigation. Enjoy quick trading options, and charts view control. Chose amoung houndred of assets and start speculating on their market price via CFDs.
305+ Assets, Optimized Search
Always be one step ahead. Set price alerts on any chosen assets and get second-by-second updates on any market fluctuations. Explore your best trading opportunities with News or Economic calendar.
Instant Market Updates

Why choose Oro Markets?

Trade on the leading trading platform anytime, anywhere

Instant access to 10, 000+ markets

Cross-platform trading from any device

30+ analytical tools for informed trading

No extra downloads that clutter your device

Full track of your open/closed positions

1-click trading option for quicker bids


Benefit from the enormous variety


Choose among 350+ financial instruments and diversify your trading portfolio.






Award-winning broker





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